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Songs from the Valley

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Singer-songwriter Xiao Juan
Singer-songwriter Xiao Juan

Music has always been her first career choice, even though she studied finance at university.

She was inspired to sing since she was 3, as her parents, both of whom worked in factories, played songs at home. Despite suffering a severe illness as a child and studying for a more secure profession, she was always determined to pursue her love of music .

"I studied finance and law because it helped me learn about society. But I didn't want to be an accountant or work for a financial company. My father said, 'If you like it, just go for it, but don't complain when you face bad things'."

She came to Beijing for the first time in 1993 as a university student and grew particularly fond of the Old Summer Palace, where she wrote the songs for her debut album.

"It's quiet and beautiful there, sitting in the sunshine and looking at the sky turning blue. Even the trees made me happy," she recalls. "I felt like I was finding inner peace."

One year later, she became a full-time singer/songwriter and got a job singing in a bar.

Talking about her career goal, she laughs and says that she doesn't want to aim for specific achievements at certain stages in her career.

"I just want to live my life every day and try my best to sing every song to people who love my songs. I'm already living my dream life," she says. "I enjoy singing on stage, whether it's a small venue and an audience of 100, or a stadium with 10,000 people."

She admits that she seldom makes public appearances to market her music. "It's not me. I'm not trying to promote my image. I am just fascinated by my current lifestyle, now that I have music with me."

Xiao Juan and her band - Xiaoguang, flute and harmonica, Xiaoqiang, guitar, and Huangjing, the drummer - will perform three small-scale concerts in Beijing.

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